Manure Knowledge Kiosk

Published on
July 23, 2015

The Manure Knowledge Kiosk is a platform for knowledge exchange, outreach and capacity building on integrated manure management. The Kiosk's document library has been developed in cooperation with Wageningen UR Library.

The Manure Knowledge Kiosk offers resources, knowledge and connections to support the livestock sector in turning integrated manure management opportunities into practice change. The Kiosk provides an expert directory and a Livestock Geo-Wiki with maps of livestock distributions and production systems. The Geo-Wiki provides free access to livestock data sets.

The Kiosk also provides access to a document library, with 23,000 documents. The documents come from Wageningen UR Staff Publications and ‘Groenekennis’. In the near future we will connect more national and international repositories to the Library. We aim to make the Manure Kiosk a global information source for Manure Management Knowledge.

The platform is supported by the Manure Management Component of the CCACs Agriculture Initiative of the United Nations Environment Programme.

Do you want more information on the Manure Knowledge Kiosk, or do you need support from Wageningen UR Library to build your own thematic document library, please contact us.