Martijn Hackmann interim at CDI


Martijn Hackmann interim at CDI

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2 februari 2015

Source: Resource, Wageningen UR

Martijn Hackmann is since January 1 the interim-manager of the Centre for Development Innovation (CDI). Next to this he remains team leader at Biobased Products.

Hackmann is one of the few managers at Wageningen UR who works for two knowledge units. Since 2011 he has been working for the AFSG, where he leads research into the development of bio refining and chain design. Since January 1, he combines that with the management of CDI. He is the successor of Co Verdaas.

Hackmann has his management experience at AFSG and before that at TNO. He will be interim manager at CDI, until the new business unit manager is found. The expectation is that this interim period will last at least six months. Hackman has just begun. "The CDI is healthy, the order book is good. I now make an inventory of current issues and what direction the CDI needs. My first opinion is that it is a colourful team of dedicated employees with a lot of intrinsic motivation for their work."