Martin Kropff's scientific publications

Published on
May 29, 2015

Wageningen UR’s Staff Publications contains 332 publications of departing Rector Magnificus Martin Kropff. The academic ceremony to mark his departure was held on 28 May 2015.

Professor Martin Kropff has left Wageningen UR in June after having served the Executive Board of Wageningen UR for ten years. Martin Kropff always supported Wageningen UR Library's symposia on scientific writing, impact and Open Access. On three occasions he gave the opening lecture at the 'How to write a world-class paper' symposia. We thank him for his continuous enthusiastic cooperation.

The database Staff Publications contains 332 articles, books and reports by Martin Kropff. From these publications, 173 are online. Some are available to Wageningen UR users only, and 101 are publicly available. 

Photo: Bobby de Vos