Martin Lankheet on TV-show ‘Proefkonijnen’

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22 januari 2015

Monday January 26 Martin Lankheet (EZO) will be seen in the BNN TV-show ‘Proefkonijnen’ (Guinea Pigs). In the TV-show ‘Proefkonijnen’ Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno give sober answers to drunk questions. For this, they do nerve-racking assignments and undergo risky experiments in the studio.

For the episode of January 26, Dennis and Valerio search for an answer to the drunk question: How is it to have eyes in the back of your head? For this, they enlist the help of Martin Lankheet, Martin is a neurobiologist at the Experimental Zoology group and has done research to the functioning of the human retina. Curious about the answer? Watch Proefkonijnen on 26 January at 8:25 PM on NPO 3.

Did you miss it? Go to the website Proefkonijnen.