Mendeley demonstrations

Published on
May 22, 2012

The Library is soon going to offer demonstrations of Mendeley. Mendeley is a free online reference management programme that's combined with a scientific network. With the desktop version of Mendeley, users can import different texts including PDFs. During the import Mendeley automatically harvests the most important bibliographic information from the text such as author, title, journal, publication year etc.

Mendeley can easily perform a collective literature search since it offers the possibility to collectively gather literature via "Groups" and make it available to individual group members. The references that users have collected can also be found by other users of Mendeley. Finally, Mendeley offers access to a large collection of 'Open Access' documents.

With regard to managing references, Mendeley is not yet as developed as EndNote, which is being supported by the library for this purpose. The power of Mendeley is, in particular, its ability to collaborate, and to import and share PDFs, which is less easy with EndNote.

More information about Mendeley.

The dates for the Mendeley demonstrations will soon be posted in our course overview.

(newsletter 3-2012)