Method apllied by LEI offers successful support for Eastern European entrepreneurs

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10 maart 2014

LEI Wageningen UR has applied the so-called Interactive Strategic Management method in an international cooperative project. Entrepreneurs in Poland, Slovenia and Lithuania were very positive about the impact of this method in strengthening their businesses.

The entrepreneurs from these countries indicated that the training has helped them gain greater insight into their future plans. They also saw more opportunities for their business since taking part in the training. An initial statistical analysis showed a positive impact on the development of competences and entrepreneurial characteristics, at least for a proportion of the entrepreneurs concerned.

The publication 'Supporting farmers in making strategic choices. The method and implementation of Interactive Strategic Management' was produced as part of the project, published in four languages. The book addresses matters such as the how, the why, and the effects of Interactive Strategic Management. A number of concrete examples drawn from both entrepreneurs and students and their strategies are presented per country. Participating entrepreneurs also indicate what they see as the key success factors of this method.

The project has been made possible partly through support from the EU Leonardo da Vinci programme and from the Agro Management Tools foundation. LEI has been working on the project for a few years with partners in Poland, Slovenia and Lithuania. Meanwhile, the publication has also been translated into Polish, Slovenian and Lithuanian.