Mild Conductive Drying of Foods

Published on
April 5, 2019

On 17 April Jun Qiu will defend his PhD thesis entitled ‘’Mild conductive drying processes of foods”. Drying operations consume ~15% of all energy used in industry. Conductive drying is a more energy efficient, but much less used drying principle compared to mainstream hot air drying. In his PhD project, Jun Qiu developed amongst others a lab-scale conductive drying device to mimic the complex drying behaviour and with this he investigated the impact of drying on product quality parameters for different (model) food formulations. The outcome of his thesis offers insight on how to make a more balanced selection between the available conductive drying technologies taking into account costs, energy use and product quality.

PhD Thesis Defence Jun Qui

17 april 16:00h Aula in Wageningen

You can read his latest paper here.