Minor Education-End Conference

Published on
July 6, 2018

Twice a year, the Minor Education (teacher education programme) is given. Students of the Minor end the programme with a small conference which they organize themselves. One of the students, Yannick Duursma, tells about the conference.

Friday 29th of June, Conference Day. Today we would finish the minor as a group. There was a lecture given by André van Lammeren, about giving a lecture on the vegetal side of sex and drugs. During this lecture, André told us his ways of giving a lecture, and encouraged us to pay extra attention to the way he was giving us the lecture. He used a great number of examples to try and give us a good idea of the subject. He also tried to facilitate as much interaction with the public as possible, so that he could use our answers to fall back on in his lecture. And last but definitely not the least, he brought plant material to use in his lecture, so that when he was talking about a certain plant, he could actually show it to us. I think it’s safe to say that we all enjoyed the lecture André gave, since he is always so enthusiastic.

After this we had a short break, and there was something to drink, and the possibility to talk with each other and the lecturers.

After that we did a short assignment, where we analysed André’s lecture. To do this, we first had to make a short summary for ourselves, and then compare it with the summary of our fellow student. We looked for differences and similarities, and try to find out where these differences and similarities came from.

Again a short break, and after that Leo van Wijchen, who work at Carmel, came to tell us something about incorporating the vision of a school in a new building. He explained to us how architects and schools work together to create a building that fits with the school. After that he also urged us to think about what we would think important in a newbuilding, and we talked about that for a while. When that was done, we played a Kahoot! with questions about students and teachers of our group, and we had a lot of fun and competitiveness with that. We finished the conference with some food outside in the sun, after which we all parted ways and went to finalize our portfolios.

André waves his arms during his lecture
Students are listening very carefully, and are visibly enjoying the lecture