More (teaching) material available in Groen Kennisnet

Published on
July 3, 2012

Groen Kennisnet (Green Knowledge Net) and Kennisnet (Knowledge Net) have been collaborating more closely since the beginning of June. Their collections can now be better shared since they are using the same infrastructure (Edurep). Groen Kennisnet is delivering all of its collection to Edurep and can already use the Edurep’s collections. Examples of the collections are the broadcasts and fragments of the national broadcasting stations Teleblik, Digischool, the Khanacademy, Wikiwijs arrangementen, museum collections like Naturalis and Kennislink. This material often cannot be found in other bibliographies.

Wageningen UR Library is closely involved in the activities of the Groen Kennisnet. For example, the Library manages Groen Kennisnet’s documentation database, gives input for news items, makes files and helps build new applications.

(newsletter 4-2012)