Moving De Hucht Library

Published on
July 29, 2005

In connection with the rationalisation policy leading to the opening of the new Forum library, yet another library will be closed. During the first week of July the collection of De Hucht library will be moved to the nearby Jan-Kopshuis library.
De Hucht is the reference library for the Laboratory of Rural Planning. The collection contains 20,000 books and subscriptions to 120 scientific journals in the fields of leisure and tourism, landscape architecture and land-use planning. An extensive collection of topographical and soil maps will also find a home in the Jan-Kopshuis library. Within a few days of the move the material will again be available for users. For information about borrowing, for example, you should contact the lending desk in Jan-Kopshuis library: 0317 482250.

    (newsletter 7-2005)