“Music and science actually have a lot in common”

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1 november 2018

The music of student orchestras WSKOV and De Ontzetting will converge with WUR science during “Music & Science” on 3 November. Storytellers Marten Scheffer and Simon Vink, both also enthusiastic musicians, will draw a connection between music and science. They gave us a sneak preview of what is going to happen on 3 November.

“I will use music to take people on a journey through the last 100 years,” says Simon Vink, spokesperson of the Executive Board. “Where were we then, what steps did we take, and where are we now?” A big difference from 100 years ago is, for example, that there was poverty in Wageningen, and it was difficult to find food in the winter. “It is really hard for us to imagine that. WUR has played an important role in the developments that have been made since that time,” explains Vink. Those situations and developments are recalled in the musical pieces the orchestra will play – in their name, in the motivation of the composer, in sound, and in content.

And where Simon Vink and De Ontzetting will look back at what has been achieved in the last 100 years, professor of Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality Management Marten Scheffer will join WSKOV in a more philosophical exploration of the future. “I mainly want to look at how research is done and the best way it can be done.” The choice of music as medium is not coincidental: “Often we view art and science as opposites, but they are similar in many ways: both require openness, but also perseverance, and are always in search of something new.” Scheffer will reflect on topics like psychiatric disorders, the (restriction of) creative freedom and the role of chance. “Major scientific discoveries, like penicillin, came about by chance. Chance also plays a role in music: the same piece has a different effect on the audience every time.”

Scheffer hopes that something beautiful will manifest itself that evening. “I really want to enjoy it with everyone. And it would be good if people viewed their work and their way of life differently afterwards.” Vink agrees: “I hope to teach people something about the beautiful city we’re in, but it is primarily about having a fun evening with wonderful music made by enthusiastic young people.”

Music & Science will take place on 3 November, 20.00 hours. Click here for more information and tickets.