NWO Chemical Sciences has granted a new Chemical Industrial Partnership Program (CHIPP) entitled “Nanostructured self-assembled functional materials” (‘NanoFun’).

Published on
December 14, 2016

In the CHIPP program NWO CW links academic knowledge to industrial ambitions by executing pioneering chemistry research in collaboration with companies. Within this new CHIPP, the University of Groningen, University of Twente, Delft University of Technology, Wageningen University and Eindhoven University of Technology will collaborate with M2i, ASM, Continental, DSM, Tata Steel, Surfix and Philips SCIL Nanoimprint Solutions. NWO CW and the companies involved are jointly contributing to the program budget of 2.25 million euros.

The key objective of this proposal is to develop novel concepts - based on self-assembly - for nanoscale tailoring of structured materials, to provide superior levels of performance and/or additional features and added value compared to existing materials. ORC is granted 1 PhD student, 2 PDs and substantial instrument money. We aim to work primarily with Tata Steel and Surfix on the modifcation of steel and glass with a variety of monolayers, polymer brushes and novel coating strategies.