Netherlands East Indies Collection

Published on
February 26, 2010

Wageningen UR Library has more than 6,300 titles on the Netherlands East Indies. It's been a long-standing tradition that the Library collects titles on our former overseas territories. The library has a rich collection, particularly on Indonesia/ Netherlands East Indies. This collection has developed along the lines of the university's education: agriculture; forestry; breeding of important crops; mining for raw materials; Indonesian architecture and culture; economic, social, rural and political history; the common laws (adat) of Indonesia/ Netherlands East Indies, etc.

The collection covers a variety of documents, including reports (from, for example, test stations, societies, the National Botanical Gardens at Bogor, the United Nations) and maps. Because of the immense cultural-historical value, it is important to make this collection more visible. Indonesia has been dealt with first because this collection is larger than those on Suriname and the Antilles (about twice as big).

If you search using the keywords Netherlands East Indies, you will find all the titles on this subject. Or, only the titles about the area's economic, social and cultural history . Titles are also available on the area's political history, agriculture , sugarcane and cane sugar, coffee, tea and rice, botanical gardens, cultural anthropology, art and religion. Most of the documents can be found in the Forum library, a large part of which are stored in climate controlled areas in Special Collections

(newsletter 1-2010)