New HSO member: Alberto Carrus

Published on
September 10, 2018

Alberto: "I'm a bachelor Health Care (Public Health) Student from Italy. I'm at Wageningen University & Research to participate as a trainee for a short period at "Healthful eating for people with Type 2 Diabetes" project, then I will use this traineeship experience to write my thesis when I will come back to Italy.

Ever since I was a child, I always had the nature to help others. My life has always been in close contact with hospitals and clinics since childhood. This gave me the passion and curiosity in health care. After having dealt with classical studies in high school (ancient Greek and ancient Latin), and having a natural talent for mathematics, I chose to attend the bachelor in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Cagliari (Italy). I chose to undertake these studies because through the design of prosthetics, machinery, etc., I could help someone to have a "second chance", to be able to smile again and live a normal life.

After that, two years ago I read casually on the site of the University of Cagliari about the bachelor in Health Care (Public Health). With these studies I could help people not only after a possible trauma, but even try to avoid this trauma through prevention.

During these last two years I have been madly in love with Health Promotion and Prevention, and I am convinced that I want to continue my studies with a Master's degree after this bachelor's degree, and then continue with a PhD and continue the research.

"Healthful eating for people with Type 2 Diabetes" project is very close to my heart for personal reasons, and when Lenneke Vaandrager proposed me to take part I accepted with enthusiasm.

I will come back to Italy in December, I hope to help the HSO as well as I can."

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