New HSO member: Christianne Lammers

Published on
May 16, 2017

Christianne: "Since the beginning of April, I am working as a research assistant at Wageningen UR. I currently assist in the overall evaluation of the Healthy Future Nearby Programme.

This programme has the objective of reducing health inequalities in the Netherlands. We evaluate 46 projects that focus on an integrated approach to reducing health inequalities of less privileged families in the Netherlands. This overall evaluation is carried out in collaboration with Wageningen Economic Research and Verwey-Jonker Institute.

I’ve always had a special interest in health related issues, nutrition and research. This spring, I got offered a position which includes all of these interests. As research assistant at HSO I get in touch with all kinds of super interesting research, related to health, nutrition and sports. Before this, I worked as market analyst in the food & beverage industry. A very interesting position, cause I got to know (and taste!) all the products fit for consumption sold everywhere around the world. Anyhow, I realized I wanted to be more involved in social welfare, health issues and research. Not necessarily to conduct my own research, but assist others with my social skills and planning abilities. I am very pleased and thankful HSO was willing to offer me this opportunity."

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