New HSO member: Dico de Jager

Published on
January 6, 2020

Hi! I’m Dico and I started as a researcher at the chairgroup Health and Society. I will be working on the research project Engaging socially vulnerable adults through sports” for one day a week.

I have a bachelor degree in Psychology (Utrecht University) and a master degree in Sports Policy and Management (Utrecht School of Governance). This Master included a two year internship, for me this was at the Life Goals Foundation. An organization that develops and implements sportprograms for social vulnerable people, with the goal of bringing them closer to society. For me a perfect balance between my background and interest in psychology and sports. After I obtained my master’s degree,
I continued working at Life Goals and I still do with much pleasure.

Yet, I really enjoyed writing my master thesis about the experiences of socially vulnerable people with sports and I was starting to miss doing research. So when this opportunity came by I seized it. I really look forward to this project and working at the Wageningen University!

When I’m not working I like to play sports (Korfball, Squash,
Ultimate Frisbee) or brew my own craft beer.