New HSO member: Grace Tan

Published on
December 2, 2019

Hi I'm Grace Tan, a Singaporean city girl who has by some unusual fate ended up in Wageningen not once, not twice, but thrice! Over the next two years, as part of my postdoc position in Health and Society, I will be working on the EU project
SU-EATABLE LIFE, where we aim to engage EU citizens in healthy and sustainable diets. How can we create an enabling environment and empower people to eat better for health and the planet? In this project, we apply a salutogenic approach and gamification elements, putting theory into practice and exploring the dynamics of how a beneficial shift in dietary patterns could be achieved, while injecting fun and positivity into the process.

Having spent more than half my life abroad (Japan, Hongkong,
USA, Denmark, Switzerland, and now NL), I enjoy exploring the role of culture in the way we think about and experience food.
My PhD research was on the consumer acceptance of culturally new foods. With insects as a case study, it was evident that rational environmental and nutritional arguments are insufficient in effecting real dietary change. I have a background in food science and technology, flavour chemistry, sensory perception and consumer behaviour, and I love connecting different disciplinary perspectives to address societally-relevant nutrition issues. After a few years in the medical nutrition industry, I'm thrilled to be back at WUR to join the group of Health & Society, where holistic approaches to addressing societal issues are embraced.

Two months in and it has been a great pleasure to be part of this warm-hearted group! I look forward to playing an active role in HSO and CSPS, and to the emergence of new collaborations and innovative ideas. Besides
being obsessed about why and what people eat, I also love baking, playing
squash (and all racket sports) and tooting on my chromatic harmonica. Come have a chat with me in 3068, I always have cookies ;-)