New HSO member: Güven Alarslan

Published on
December 4, 2019

My name is Güven and I started as a PhD candidate at the chair group Health and Society. I will work on the project “Engaging socially vulnerable adults through sports”.

In 2012 I started with the bachelor program ”Biomedical
Sciences” and in 2014 I continued with the master program “Management, Policy Analysis and Entrepreneurship in health and life sciences” at the VU University in Amsterdam.

After I obtained my master’s degree, I started working as a junior researcher at the VU University where I contributed to two
projects. For the first project, I conducted research on anxiety disorders and whether diagnosed individuals should return to work. For the second
project, I explored technological innovations that could help people with mild intellectual disabilities to find and maintain a job. Hereafter, I worked as a junior researcher at Radboudumc, where I looked into the patient perspective regarding the transfer from hospital to home with homebased care.

During my free time, I love to take photos, work out, travel, read, and drink coffee. I look forward to work at Wageningen University!