New HSO member: Yvette Beulen

Published on
August 22, 2017

Yvette: "Although technically I may not be considered a new member anymore, I’d still like to shortly introduce myself and especially my project. I have been working at HSO (and Human Nutrition) with pleasure since March this year.

Before I started working on my great PhD project, I studied Nutrition and Dietetics in Nijmegen and followed the Masters’ programme in Nutrition and Health (specialization Epidemiology and Public Health) at Wageningen University. During my Bachelor’s degree I learned a lot about dietary recommendations and I obtained essential skills to translate those recommendations to individual clients. What I missed and remained curious about, was the formulation of these recommendations and the influence of (physical and social) environmental factors on actual dietary intake.

These interests, my multidisciplinary orientation and my grit to build a bridge between science and practice fit perfectly with my PhD-project. Within this project, we study contextual dietary intake of pregnant women from an ecological perspective. This means intrapersonal, interpersonal and sociocultural factors influencing dietary intake are taken into account in developing a tool to assess and improve pregnant women’s dietary intake.

While many studies focus on clinical outcome measures, we will build on the evidence available and on our own findings to translate research into practice. To do so, we will work interdisciplinary and involve stakeholders actively throughout the project. The project team combines researchers from the fields of human nutrition and social sciences and we’re lucky to be supported by several important organizations in the fields of midwifery and nutrition. And last but certainly not least, our collaboration with midwives and pregnant women will be invaluable for the success of this project.

I hope together we’ll be able to create a tool that’s feasible for midwives and enables pregnant women to give their unborn children a healthy start in life."

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