New PhD students

Published on
October 14, 2016
This study year 2 new PhD students started in our FQD group, we would like to introduce them to you.
Further information on their PhD topic will be placed soon on our research webpage.

PhD student Hannah Zenker

Hannah is a fulltime PhD student from Germany. As a food chemist she is specialized on the analysis of food and food components. The studies of food chemistry are based on practical work in the laboratory including the HPLC-and GC -systems, FT-IR, and wet chemical methods to quantify and qualify specific analytes.
During the PhD period she will investigate the chemical and physical changes of intensively heated milk protein and the allergenic potential of these proteins, supervised by Dr. K.A. Hettinga.

PhD student Ling Xiong

Ling is a fulltime guest PhD student from Anhui Province, China. She received her Bachelor - and Master degree in China Agricultural University and now started within our FQD group on a China scholarship council.
The topic she will be working on within FQD is effect of heating on immune-active bovine milk proteins, supervised by Prof. A.C.M. van Hooijdonk and daily supervision by Dr. K.A. Hettinga.