New Seven Countries Study website launched

Published on
March 7, 2014

This week is the 50th anniversary of the last cohort´s initial survey in the Seven Countries Study (SCS), the university of Belgrade professors, in 1964. In recognition of this milestone, a web team has been active over the past two years in production of a SCS website.

The team includes web designer Liesbeth Smit, writer Stephan van Duin, web manager Eveline Waterham, and coordinator Daan Kromhout. The work was guided and edited by Henry Blackburn, David Jacobs, and Alessandro Menotti, members of the SCS Coordinating Team. The process was supported by a grant to Daan Kromhout from the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.

The new website summarizes the history, design, and main study questions, and describes the investigators, countries and cohorts, and main study findings. These findings derive from the 10 monographs and some 500 original articles published largely in peer-reviewed journals. The first level of description is a brief summary in lay language which is linked to the abstract of the appropriate publication in PubMed, bringing access to the scientific content of the 50-year effort by scientists, students, journalists, and all interested in healthy ageing and the burden, causes, and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. The SCS website is linked to other sites including that of the University of Minnesota School of Public Health on the history of cardiovascular disease epidemiology, the Alpha Omega Trial of secondary prevention of heart attack, and the professional website of Daan Kromhout.

The new Seven Countries Study website ( has gone live on the internet today, March 6, 2014.