New Website Hub of Green and Gray Knowledge

Published on
April 27, 2010

On 22 June, a new website Groenweb Eco Engineering was launched. The site offers a lot of information about the use of green and ecological principles in improving the environment and the direct surroundings. The site is currently focused on green roofs, green facades (vertical green) and green water purification installations. The new website is part of the fast-growing website Groenweb, which a few years ago made sites to quickly provide information for tree nurseries, flower bulb production and tree care.

Groenweb Eco Eengineering is a resource of useful information and a meeting point for education, research and industry. Interactivity plays a big role in this. The website contains a knowledge bank. Knowledge groups and a knowledge desk cooperate to disseminate knowledge. The information is provided by Wageningen UR researchers (PPO, Alterra), by TU Delft and by industry through the branch association VHG.

The Groenweb Eco Engineering website is made possible by subsidies from Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM), KIGO (Programme for Nature and Landscape of the Groene Kennis Cooperatie (GKC)) and WURKS. The services of the GKC Groen Kennisnet plays an important role in gathering and making available different forms of information on the Groenweb Ecoengineering and also offers a search function, up-to-date resources, news items, and the Kennisloket (Knowledge Desk):

The Wageningen UR Library cooperates in the transfer of knowledge from research to practice. In the programme, Ontsluiten Publieke Kennis (Making Public Knowledge Accessible), resources are being delivered from the ARTIK+ database for Groen Kennisnet (Green Knowledge Network) to various websites focused on education, entrepreneurs and private individuals. The following are a few examples of the green websites available: Infoloket Platteland (Information Desk for the Rural Area), Dierenwelzijnweb (Animal Well Being web), Groenweb (Green web), Spade, Bloembollenweb (Flower Bulb web), Agrodis and Varkensnet (Pig-net).

(newsletter 4-2010)