New Websites for Sheep and Goat Breeders

Published on
March 23, 2009

Sheep and goat breeders now have their own websites with news, topical information and experiences. The websites were developed at the request of the Livestock and Meat Commodities Board. Both sites are mainly aimed at commercial breeders. Since October 2009, Wageningen UR Library's publications have been a part of Schapennet (Sheep Net) and Geitennet (Goat Net).

An important part of both sites is the search function. It's like googling, but the search engine only searches sites with information on sheep and/or goat breeding. In the search function, the following information is also considered: the publications about goats and sheep from ARTIK+ (label 'Kennis' (knowledge) , the shared experiences from the 'Ervaringsbank' (Experience Bank) on the site (label 'Ervaring' (Experience)), and the news about the sector (label 'Nieuwe items' (New Items)).

(newsletter 7-2009)