New brand for Wageningen UR

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6 september 2016

Starting in September, Wageningen University and research institutes will take on the brand name “Wageningen University & Research”. The research institutes Alterra, LEI, IMARES, and Central Veterinary Institute will now be respectively called “Wageningen Environmental Research”, “Wageningen Economic Research”, “Wageningen Marine Research”, and “Wageningen Bioveterinary Research”.

In 1998, Wageningen University merged with the research institutes that were united within the DLO Foundation. Wageningen University & Research stands at the forefront of the scientific community with its blend of education, fundamental research and practical research in collaboration with the business community and social organisations. By presenting itself as a single organisation, Wageningen University & Research (WUR) aims to clarify what it represents: a combination of a university and market-oriented research institutes that is unique both in the Netherlands and beyond.

In legal terms, the structure of the organisation will remain the same. Wageningen University retains its current legal name and the DLO Foundation will be legally designated as “Wageningen Research Foundation”.

The Wageningen University & Research logo is also undergoing a minor change and will now be:

Het nieuwe logo van Wageningen University & Research

The name changes at a glance:

Former New
LEI Wageningen Economic Research
Alterra Wageningen Enviromental Research
Central Veterinary Institute Wageningen Bioveterinary Research
Livestock Research Wageningen Livestock Research
Food & Biobased Research Wageningen Food & Biobased Research
PPO en PRI Wageningen Plant Research
IMARES Wageningen Marine Research
Wageningen Academy Wageningen Academy

Due to on-going merger talks, RIKILT will retain its current name for the time being and will use it in combination with the new brand name Wageningen University & Research.