New colleagues at ECS

Published on
February 13, 2018

Recently, we have welcomed two new colleagues at ECS. Post Doc Lisa Ploum and guest researcher Daniele Tubino.

Lisa Ploum, Post Doc

Lisa will start as a Post Doc at ECS. Recently, she defended her PhD on competencies for sustainable entrepreneurship, which she executed at the Management Studies Group of Wageningen University. She has developed a competence framework that can be used as a monitor instrument in education as well and focused on the enactment of those competencies by sustainable entrepreneurs. Thomas Lans has been her co-promotor and they have been working on several other projects that are related to entrepreneurship education as well. As a result and continuation of their collaborative work, this Post Doc position was created. In the coming year(s) they will work on projects (research and practice based) that are centred around entrepreneurship education, with a special focus on sustainable development. Furthermore, she will be involved in teaching activities within the entrepreneurship track. She is really excited to start this new chapter of her professional career.


Daniele Tubino, Guest Researcher

Daniele is an Architect and Urban Planner graduated from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Porto Alegre, Brazil. She also has a master's degree from the same university, with the thesis entitled  “Greenways Network: an approach for its participatory planning in small Brazilian municipalities”. She is a PhD candidate at the University of São Paulo, with the dissertation: “Education for Sustainability: a look at the case of the Taquara Stream, Porto Alegre/ Brazil”. This participatory research investigates the topic of Education for Sustainability within the context of an action-oriented project for the eco-restoration and improvement of livelihoods in the Taquara Stream Basin (Porto Alegre, South Brazil). Currently, Daniele is an Assistant Professor of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Vale do Rio dos Sinos, in Porto Alegre. Her main research areas are sustainability, environmental education, social learning, transformative learning, landscape ecology, urban and environmental planning, sustainable cities and social housing.

Daniele will stay at ECS until July 2018.