New colleagues at ECS

Published on
March 15, 2018

Recently, we have welcomed two new colleagues at ECS: PhD-Candidate Mohsen Nameghi and external PhD-Candidate Tom Adams.

Mohsen Nameghi, PhD-Candidate

Mohsen took his BBA (Management) from MMU in Malaysia, and took his Master of Media Management from University of Tehran in Iran. The topic of his master thesis was: "Identification of Proper Characteristics for TV News Divions’ Personnel for Working in the High-Stress Environment". As we know reporting is amongst 10 most hard/stressful jobs in the world, so in his thesis he did a research on what has been the most physical and mental effects of job stress on the Iranian TV reporters, and in the next level which intelligences (based on the Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences) and which psychological characteristics (based on the MBTI) are more appropriate for three types of reporters (Sociopolitical reporters, Crisis/War reporters and Newsroom reporters), so that they could be more appropriate for the job and fit in better and they could handle the job and its pressures better and consequently bear the least possible stress (and mental and physical consequences of stress). The topic of Mohsens PhD project is: "Appropriate Team Combinations for High Performance, Low Stress and Co-Constructive Knowledge Sharing". The importance of performance in the individual and group works, knowledge sharing and job stress is well known, so as it is shown in the topic, in the PhD project he wants to inspect one other important aspect of psychological characteristics, which is the role of psychological characteristics in the quality of relationships between people and consequently (mainly) in fields such as: performance, Co- Constructive knowledge sharing and stress.


Tom Adams, External PhD Candidate

Tom has been teacher educator at the Fontys Teacher Institute in Tilburg for 5 years now and will start his PhD in August 2018. His project will focus on the development of student teachers' classroom management competencies at the workplace during the teacher education internship period.