New colleagues at ECS

Published on
February 1, 2018

Recently, we have welcomed three new colleagues at ECS. Two guest researchers; Mahsa Saadvandi and Ashley Holden, and a PhD-candidate; Megawanti.

Mahsa Saadvandi, Guest Researcher

Mahsa Saadvandi completed the master's degree at Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran. Now she is pursuing her PhD degree from Tarbeiat Modares University (Tehran, Iran) under supervision of Dr. Enayat Abbasi. The research area in her dissertation is Agricultural Competence- based Education. She has joined Wageningen University in the capacity of Guest Researcher. Main part of her living costs in Wageningen is covered by Iran's ministry of science. Mahsa will work under the kind supervision of Harm Biemans, they are designing a "competence based agricultural education model fits to Iran's condition".

Mahsa will stay at ECS until June, 2018.

Ashley Holden, Guest Researcher

Ashley is visiting Wageningen University as a Fulbright scholar, conducting an inquiry project to compare dutch vocational agricultural education with the system in the United States. She is taking a comprehensive look at vocational agricultural education, including didactics, internships, industry expectations and student and teacher perspectives. Her goal is to offer improved practices and ideas in the US and perhaps share what the US does well with her colleagues in The Netherlands. Her motivation is to look at these topics through the lens of sustainability and addressing the big world problems of food security, health and the environment. Her project is titled The Future of Agricultural Education: Merging Best Practices to Improve Post-Secondary Options. In the United States, She is an agriculture and animal science teacher in a vocational agriculture secondary school in Massachusetts. She works predominantly with students ages 16-18 that want to work with livestock. She is in her eighth year as a teacher, and has teaching experiences in Massachusetts, New York City, Connecticut and Nebraska. She has an M.Ed. in School Building Leadership from Columbia University Teacher’s College and an M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Connecticut-Storrs. She received a B.S. in Agricultural Leadership and Education from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her passion for agriculture and teaching comes from working with her family on their beef cattle farm in Connecticut.

Ashley will stay at ECS until June, 2018.

Megawanti, PhD-Candidate

Megawanti is a graduate majoring in Higher Education Management in Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia. Based on her experience working in the education field for several years, especially in remote areas, she finds inequalities that occur in access to education, especially in higher education. Currently, she is exploring further about access and equity to higher education under the guidance of Perry den Brok and Harm Biemans and Wageningen School of Social Sciences. 

She will stay at ECS as a sandwich PhD-candidate for four years.