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New colleagues

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12 september 2016

The team of Wageningen Academy team is working at full strength! We would like to introduce our two new colleagues to you: Maarten van Rees as programme manager for the sector Animal and Miel Hooijdonk as programme manager for the Plant sector. Below they introduce themselves:

Miel Hooijdonk, Programme Manager Plant

"My experience in the Plant sector is broad: I, Miel Hooijdonk have had my own business in the cultivation and trade of flowers and I am engaged in teaching and learning in practice. I understand both worlds and I am always looking for a suitable connection.  

The alignment, between business and education will become more and more customized and always starts with a customer demand. The increasing internationalization and digitization require other forms of education. I would like to explore these possibilities together with you."  

Maarten van Rees, Programme Manager Animal

"I'm Maarten van Rees, since September the 1st responsible within Wageningen Academy for the Animal portfolio. I appreciate it, after my time as a student Animal Sciences, to return at Wageningen University and Research! As programme manager I am translating the training demand from the Animal sector into (incompany)training courses for professionals. Supported by a professional and inspirational team, I will try to complete this role as good as possible! I do this by being a partner for the sector, but also by being a familiar face for the University teachers. Do not hesitate to get in touch with questions and maybe see you soon!"

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