New teaching material collections in Library for Learning (L4L)

Published on
February 25, 2019

Several new collections of teaching materials have recently been connected to the Library for Learning. The L4L is the portal to search and find educational resources created by Wageningen teachers.

Library for Learning gives access to a growing amount of digital teaching material from the WUR.

In 2018, the Library connected the following new collections to L4L:

  • Video clips from the course Introduction Atmosphere on Meteorology & Air Quality;
  • Video clips related to the CLASS model and the book Atmospheric Boundary Layer - Integrating Air Chemistry and Land Interactions (CLASS clips);
  • E-learning modules from WUR Library on different aspects of information literacy;
  • Audio clips about the Knowledge of Crops;
  • Video clips from the MOOC Circular Economy.

Do you also have a collection of digital teaching material that you'd like to share within WUR or even with the whole world? You're welcome to contact us at the Servicedesk to learn how to do this.