New database: International statistics in Statista

Published on
June 29, 2020

After a successful trial at the beginning of 2020 we've decided to subscribe to Statista. Statista is a database that offers data from market and opinion research institutes and from the economic sector.

Statistics in Statista

Statista has a growing number of sources from several international organizations. The statistics are published with a link to the original research, for example, to Eurostat, to the World Health Organization or to the Dutch ministries. The statistics and survey results are presented in charts and tables. An example:

From Statista/DUO, the Netherlands
From Statista/DUO, the Netherlands

Market outlooks

Besides statistics, Statista also provides data on market forecasts, industry reports from 170 different industries, digital market outlooks, mobility market outlooks and consumer market outlooks. The market outlooks are based on demographic and economic data and give detailed insights into the development of the respective markets.


Statista produces infographics. The infographics are regularly published on news sites reporting on current subjects in media and technology. The infographics can be downloaded for free.

Global Survey

New to Statista are the Global Consumer Surveys. They cover industries and topics on Marketing and social media, eCommerce and retail, and much more.