New decoration study rooms 4th floor

Published on
November 12, 2015

Four study rooms on the 4th floor of the Forum Library have been refurbished and are ready for use.

Room 462 (‘the white room’) is a silent study room. The room contains 20 study spaces with adjustable tables. But, it does not have computers, so you must bring your own.  

Rooms 464 (‘the red room’) and 465 (‘the blue room’) are discussion rooms. These rooms are good for group work. You may talk in these rooms in a normal speaking voice. You do not need to reserve the room. The rooms are given away on a first come, first served basis.  

Room 466 (‘the green room’) is a 'very silent study room'. Laptops are not allowed, but you can use a tablet if you switch off the sound. Room 466 contains two comfortable chairs with a small desk for your tablet or book, and a couch, which is perfect for long reading sessions.