New developments in WUR-RU teacher education

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23 mei 2018

In the coming years, the shortages of academically-educated teachers in secondary education will further increase. In order to train more university students to become first-degree teachers, Wageningen University and Radboud University (RU) join forces. On 17 May 2018, WUR and RU concluded a unique collaboration agreement. As coordinator of the Minor Education (teacher education program) Piety Runhaar was actively involved.

Secondary education is facing increasing difficulties in filling job vacancies for science subjects and languages. With this new initiative, WUR and RU want to contribute to reducing the deficit of chemistry and physics teachers by building a bridge between two degree programmes of Wageningen University and the Radboud Teachers Academy of Radboud University, starting from next academic year.

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WUR and RU will join forces to train more teachers

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