New factsheets available from Promising Innovations

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3 juli 2014

On the project website of Promising Innovations, there are three new factsheets available. Within this research, innovations were tested that could improve the labor conditions, energy efficiency or the overall performance of the pigs. The innovations were tested in the stables of SIC Sterksel together with employees of AB Werkt.

Last year, three innovations were tested at SIC Sterksel.

  • In the breeding room, SIC Sterksel tested an innovation from MS Schippers called; the Reproduction Train. The Reproduction Trains is a cart mounted on a rails on top of the crates in the breeding room. All the needed materials for insemination can be transported easily and hygienic on this cart. In addition, it has automated pulsating stimulation braces to improve the stimulation of the sows during insemination.
  • In the farrowing rooms, SIC Sterksel tested an innovation from MS Schippers called; the CleanFeeder. The CleanFeeder is a specially developed feeding bowl for piglets that can easily be cleaned with an automated brush.
  • In the weaned piglet departments a new drinking system was developed and tested. The concept of this idea was founded by a network of farmers from Keten Duurzaam Varkensvlees (KDV) led by Manon Houben from PorQ. This concept was brought into practice at SIC Sterksel in cooperation with Joost Straathof Water, Van Lankveld Mariahout and Manon Houben.

The results of this research can be found in three factsheets which can be downloaded at the project page of Promising Innovations.