New flavour model galia melons is now available


New flavour model galia melons is now available

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18 mei 2015

Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture has developed a new model to quickly measure the flavour level of galia melons. The model was developed in cooperation with a consortium of breeders Enza Zaden, Seminis, Sakata, Bayer CropScience and importer HillFresh. Based certain parameters, the model quickly predicts the flavour of galia melons as perceived by consumers

The new flavour model will enable a faster and better measurement of flavour levels in galia melons. It opens the way for breeders, growers and wholesalers to focus on a further development of products with higher flavour levels. The consortium was formed at Fruit Logistica 2012, and the whole research took a period of three subsequent years.

Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture earlier developed flavour models for tomato and sweet pepper. Flavour models enable a faster and more consequent measurement of flavour levels in breeding programmes and the development of blueprints for cultivation. Flavour models also contribute to a better communication between chain partners and allow for focus in actions on better flavour in the chain and the creation of added value.

Parties who are interested in using the model to evaluate the flavour levels of galia melons or have questions on model development for other products may contact