New in Wageningen UR Image Collections

Published on
August 14, 2014

The ‘Tulip book’ and the collections ‘Konstboeck’ and ‘Wandtafeln zur Beurteilung des Rindes’ were recently added to the Wageningen UR Image Collections.

Tulip book

The famous Tulip book by P. Cos from 1637 is now digitally available via the Wageningen UR Image Collections. It is a manuscript nursery catalogue with tulips and a small number of other flowers. It was published at the peak of the tulipomania. All gouaches, watercolours and drawings in the catalogue can be downloaded for free.


'Konstboeck' is a collection of 142 botanical illustrations from 1680-1750 by different artists including Catharina Lintheimer, Alida Withoos and Pieter Withoos. The Golden Age illustrations were collected by Simon Schijnvoet (1652-1727), an amateur-(garden)designer and art collector.

Wandtafeln zur Beurteilung des Rindes

'Wandtafeln zur Beurteiling des Rindes’ has been added to the Wageningen UR Image Collections. 'The Wandtafeln' is a collection of 68 wall charts on animal anatomy. The charts were created between 1900 and 1910 and have been used in teaching for several years. The images on cow anatomy by Prof. Pusch can be downloaded for free.

Wageningen UR Image Collections

In 2013 the Library started Wageningen UR Image Collections, a service that Wageningen UR organizational units can use to make their digital image collections available online. Do you have a collection of images you want to put online in a systematic and attractive way? Please contact the Library to hear about the possibilities.