New in the collection

Published on
May 25, 2010

New journals are added almost daily to the Wageningen UR Digital Library. A few interesting newcomers:

Wiley e-books

Users have been able to consult e-books in the digital library for several years now. In the past, publishers, including Springer, Elsevier, Oxford and CABI, offered packages/collections with e-books, but several publishers are now offering the possibility to order individual e-books titles. In the recent past, the Library has ordered several individual e-book titles from Wiley. See this overview.

The advantage of e-books is that users no longer have to go to the library to borrow a book. In the beginning, an e-book was seen as a print version, which meant that if one user had the book open, the book was seen as being borrowed, and another user could not read it then. Now, however, most publishers offer the possibility to read e-books simultaneously, comparable to the use of e-journals.

The disadvantage of buying e-books is that they are more expensive than the printed version, and therefore, they put more pressure on an institution’s budget. Another problem is that many publishers publish a book’s e-book version later - sometimes much later - than its print version. For this reason, the Library sometimes buys the print version to quickly serve its users. Fortunately, many publishers have stated that the time between a book’s print and e-version will become shorter.

E-books are being entered into the catalogue just like printed books. When searching in bibliographies, a user will often find an e-book or a chapter from an e-book.

(Newsletter 5-2010)