New instructive videos in JoVE Bioengineering

Published on
July 30, 2019

We have added a new set of instructive videos to the JoVE collection. JoVE is the Journal of Visualised Experiments. Instead of just reading a textbook about an experiment, you can watch a video that shows you how it should be done. The videos demonstrate novel techniques and innovative applications in bioengineering.

Video journal on bioengineering

JoVE Bioengineering publishes methods and techniques to aid the understanding of basic biological processes and functions. It shows videos with new applications and innovative techniques on tissue engineering, biosensors, cell topography, microfluidics and bio-imaging techniques and equipment.


The videos from JoVE, the video journal, are peer-reviewed and indexed in PubMed. The videos are of high quality and include detailed text protocols.

More peer-reviewed JoVE video journals at WUR

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