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New international course Food Security in an Urbanizing Society

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13 maart 2014

Food Security in an Urbanizing Society. From home gardens to agro-parks: working towards resilient agrifood systems serving densely populated areas.

Coming June the new international course Food Security in an Urbanizing Society will be held in Wageningen, The Netherlands.

Accelerated urbanization is one of the major drivers of change in our globalized world. Countries and cities are facing enormous challenges relating to food security, agricultural systems and regional development. In striving for urban food security it becomes essential to develop resilient agricultural systems, effectively link rural and urban areas, and holistically manage food chains from production to consumption.

This this exciting, highly interactive course seeks to address these challenges, explore potential pathways for sustainable urban development and bring together innovative ideas, disciplines and visions to improve food security for the cities. Participants will get access to the latest concepts developed within the wider Wageningen UR community and brokered to them by the leading experts themselves.

The Centre for Development Innovation (CDI), Wageningen UR organises the training in partnership with:

  • Rural Sociology Group, Wageningen UR
  • Metropolitan Food Cluster team (Alterra, Food & Biobased Research and LEI, Wageningen UR)
  • The RUAF Foundation (Resource Centres on Urban Agriculture and Food Security)

More information and registration.