New journals and dictionaries

Published on
January 15, 2018

We subscribe to new online journals or databases when needed for WUR-related research and if the budget allows. Do you have a request yourself? Please let us know.

Databases/dictionaries on request of staff members:

Dictionary of natural products. This dictionary gives chemical and physical data on over 170,000 compounds gathered from the worlds chemical literature. Each entry includes: the chemical name - systematic names and all trivial names; an accurate high-quality structure diagram; the molecular formula and molecular weight; the natural source data; the use and importance; and important bibliographic data. You can also search the database by drawing a molecular structure.

Horticulture Compendium. The Horticulture compendium is a searchable database on horticulture crops. It covers a global range of major crops as well as lesser known minor crop species of emerging importance.

Juridisch-economisch lexicon. You have access to the Dutch-English version and to the English-Dutch version of this legal and economic dictionary.

New journals on request of staff or students:

Business ethics quarterly

Empedocles: European journal for the philosophy of communication

Journal of strategy and management


We welcome recommendations for new publications. If you would like to recommend a journal, book or database for purchase by WUR Library, please fill in the 'Request a purchase' form or send your comments to the Servicedesk.