New methods for testing health effects of foods

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13 februari 2014

The Wageningen-UR departments RIKILT, FBR, PRI and WLR (namen voluit) collaborate to develop models for testing the effects of whole food products on human health. In this collaborative project, the responses of cultured cell systems and surgically prepared intestinal segments of rats and piglets are measured after exposure to pre-digested food products. These measurements included genome-wide gene expression studies, which provide comprehensive views of the effects induced by whole food product on several different processes, including absorption, metabolism, immunity, and toxic processes. Currently, the responses of these models towards undigested and digested onion extracts are evaluated to fine-tune this model pipe-line.

Read the full article (in Dutch) Voeding Nu, editie 4 april 2013: “Nieuwe methoden voor gezondheidsanalyse van voedselproducten" .