New movies on ENP's Youtube Channel available

Published on
May 20, 2019

For some time now, we occasionally publish movies about ENP's research projects on our own Youtube channel. Are you interested in learning more about our recent work on wildlife management policy, and research in the field of the Urban Nexus? Take a look at the short knowledge clips below. You'll be redirected to the movie when you click on the picture.

Susan Boonman-Berson summarizes her PhD research project, which she completed in September 2018 with supervision from the Forest and Nature Policy group and Environmental Policy group. Her work focusses on human-wildlife interaction and the implications for wildlife management policy.


Moises Covarrubias, Phd candidate at ENP, summarizes his PhD project on the Urban Nexus. He discusses how sectoral policy making and decision making can be integrated better to work on complex urban and natural resources management problems.


More movies can be found on ENP's Youtube channel, which you reach via this link. It opens with professor Simon Bush's presentation on environmental globalisation following his appointment as chair of ENP. Besides highlighting research and project related work, you can also find summaries of a number of events ENP (co-)organized over the last years.