Nieuwe objecten op de campus


New objects on campus

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17 augustus 2017

Since this week, a number of new objects will appear on the campus. They reflect the work that is being done on the campus, while also showing the world in which the research comes to life. The objects feature current scientific research topics seen through different filters: the filter of the researcher and the filter of the layperson. This results in very different images, designed to talk about while for example showing visitors around the campus.

The objects:

Poster element Consumer Behaviour
Poster element Consumer Behaviour

Two of the objects (consumer behaviour and biodiversity), will be on display as of today and the other two will be completed in September. You can see the objects during the day and in the evenings.

Each object consists of two parts: the object itself with a poster element, and a frame with three colour filters. Seen through the filters, the objects are shown from several different perspectives.