Nieuwe publicatie over detectie en diagnostiek van plantpathogenen


New publication on detection and diagnostics of plantpathogens

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3 november 2014

In the series ‘Plant Pathology in the 21st Century’, of Springer volume 5 has been published. The book ‘Detection and Diagnostics of Plant Pathogens’ was edited by Maria Lodovica Gullino of the University of Turin and Peter Bonants, scientist at Wageningen UR.

This volume continues the series of books on “Plant Pathology in the 21st Century”, which started in 2010, in cooperation with the International Society for Plant Pathology and contains the lectures given at the 10th International Congress of Plant Pathology (ICPP 2013) held in Beijing, August 25–30, 2013.

At this Congress, several sessions dealt with aspects of detection and diagnosis of plant pathogens, which represent two fundamental steps in disease management decisions.

For both detection and diagnosis, new tools and technologies have been developed, which are often replacing old methodologies, permitting to be faster, more specific and more precise.

A quick and reliable detection method in combination with decision support systems is fundamental in order to reduce the damages caused by old and new pathogens, thus permitting to reduce the number of treatments and to contain the potential losses.

Molecular methods are available for a number of pathogens and the volume provide good examples of application in different production sectors. Innovative techniques and methods will be described to detect and identify different targets: destructive and non-destructive, air- or soil-borne, human and plant pathogens, in plants or seed-born, native or emerging pathogens, on-site or lab-based. All to support international organizations to secure global trade and agriculture all over the world.