New summer school on image analysis for plant phenotyping

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23 februari 2016

The developments in plant phenotyping go quickly and are of great importance for the improvement of the quality and yield of crops. For this the understanding of the possibilities of plant phenotyping is essential. The Summer School Image Analysis for Plant Phenotyping is a collaboration between Wageningen University and the University of Nottingham, aimed at sharing knowledge and practical applications in the field of plant phenotyping capabilities.

This year the course will be organized for the first time in Wageningen. Previous edition took place in Nottingham, July 2015. It was a great success, with participants working in business and research from all over the world .

What is image analysis of plant phenotyping?

In the process of breeding to develop new varieties, large numbers of plants are evaluated in order to select the best specimens. In order to phenotype a plant properly, the relevant characteristics must be clear, as must the method of determining these characteristics. Knowledge of the growth and development of horticultural crops to contribute to the execution of experiments, the establishment of the climate conditions and environments, and the interpretation of the values measured are important feature’s. An automated system utilising several colour cameras and a lighting unit to measure plant length, leaf surface, number of flowers, and flower colour could be used to measure all characteristics. In addition measurement and monitoring of fluorescence and photosynthesis in the greenhouse or in a climate chamber is possible as well. Statistical models and crop growth models are used to predict the growth and production of a given genotype under various conditions, thereby saving valuable time and greenhouse space.

How did previous participants experience the summer school?

Matt Colgan, Blue River Technology (United States):
"I found the Summer School on Image Analysis for Plant Phenotyping provided both a good foundation for biologists interested in image analysis as well as a comprehensive overview for computer scientists of the challenges faced when dealing with plant data. I feel the methods were most applicable to grad students, postdocs, and other researchers analysing a small number of images (~10-100 images)."

Ivan Paponov, Bioforsk (Norway):
"Excellent course that achieved a perfect balance between the theory of image analysis and the practical application of this theory for plant phenotyping. The combination of lectures and practical courses provided the students with a thorough understanding of the basic principles of image analysis and its applications. The congenial atmosphere of the course created optimal conditions for communication between the teachers and students, and among the students themselves, fostering both collaboration and a vibrant exchange of learned experience."


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