New vocabularies from plant science

Published on
July 7, 2015

The CROP project is developing common, interoperable, reference vocabularies (ontologies) for the description of plant data. They can be used for data mining, and in applications and models.

There is an increasing amount of phenotopic data resulting automated scoring of traits, as well of "omics" data from high-throughput sequencing. These vocabularies are meant to be the linking pins. At Planteome are a number of ontologies available:

  • a Plant Ontology (PO)
  • a Plant Trait Ontology (TO)
  • a Plant Environment Ontology (EO)
  • a Plant Stress Ontology (PSO) for abiotic and biotic stresses is still under development.

The CGIAR is also a Agronomy Ontology that will support the creation of fieldbooks.

All these vocabularies use parts of other generic ontologies, for example the biological processes, cellular components and molecular functions are used from the Geneontology.