Newsletter VSNU on Open Access, no. 9

Published on
September 7, 2015

The VSNU Open Access Newsletter informs you about the latest news on negotiations with publishers. The VSNU is the Association of universities in the Netherlands.

This week, universities across the Netherlands opened the new academic year. Speakers included are State Secretary Dekker in Eindhoven, Minister Bussemaker in Utrecht, Robbert Dijkgraaf in Delft and Daan Roosegaarde in Wageningen.
State Secretary Dekker emphasises the importance of collaboration and knowledge development within the academic community. He observed that the greatest technical and scientific innovations are founded on collaboration. However, collaboration is only possible if you share your knowledge, not only with fellow scientists but with society at large. That is why the State Secretary is committed to open access, in order to render scientific knowledge accessible to the public.

Open Access Newsletter, no. 9 of 2015