No cakes with plastics

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1 juli 2019

The Cultural Geography chair group hopes to put an end to the use of plastic utensils during its group functions by giving each staff and PhD student a set of bamboo fork and spoon.

Handing my colleagues this is like making them sign a contract saying: No cakes for me if I don’t use my bamboos. In the meantime, I have also urged the Forest & Nature Conservation Policy group to ‘implement’ this no-cake-with-plastic policy. I hope every chair group in the university will do the same.

I came up with the idea of giving door gifts to the GEO group to round off a chair group dinner with the theme ‘door’. “When you make a hole in a wall, you get a door between spaces, forming a constitutive relation that transforms our potential!” says Prof. dr. Edward Huijbens, GEO's new chair holder.

Photo at right: GEO colleagues are obviously happy with their door gifts. - by Keen-mun Poon