Noa and Fientje are serving science

Published on
December 5, 2016

For most people, the phrase ‘Wageningen animal research’ brings to mind pigs, cows, chickens and fish. But for the past four years cats and dogs have also been crossing the threshold of Zodiac. ‘Companion animals are very important in our society. Life sciences includes them too.’ This is on November 10th in Resource.

Noa would like nothing better than to reach up and grab that tasty dog treat from the table. The eleven-year-old half Labrador, half Golden Retriever stretches longingly in its direction. Until her owner pulls her firmly by the lead past the temptation. ‘Do you see how she does that?’ whispers Bonne Beerda of Behavioural Ecology. ‘That is actually what this research is all about: how does the owner handle the dog?’

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