Nomination Professor FPE as Green Tech pioneer


Nomination Professor FPE as Green Tech pioneer

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1 december 2017

Professor Atze Jan van der Goot of Wageningen University & Research is nominated as Green Tech pioneer by the TV-show ‘VPRO Tegenlicht’. The nomination relates to the development of the shear-cell technology that gives vegetable protein the fibrous structure of meat. The professor is nominated because this technology contributes to a sustainable future.

The world's population is growing, and with it the need for proteins for human consumption. However, they cannot all be taken from meat. The production of meat costs relatively much water, land and energy, and produces a high emission of greenhouse gases. Legumes and soy are a sustainable alternative and therefore excellent meat substitutes because of their nutritional value. However, the average consumer prefers meat because of its taste and structure.

Shear cell technology

Together with his research team, Atze Jan van der Goot worked for years on the development of shear cell technology. Shear cell technology is a relatively simple, mild and energy-efficient technique that will make the production of meat substitute products accessible to a wide audience. Until now, the technology was only available on lab and pilot scale. Currently, in the public-private partnership Plant Meat Matters, together with Unilever, Givaudan, De Vegetarische Slager and Meijn, they are working hard to make the idea more commercially viable. The intention is to have vegetable 'steaks' in the store in four years' time.


Solving a social problem with a purely technological technique is the motivation of Atze Jan van der Goot, professor at the Food Process Engineering chair group at Wageningen University & Research. Combining scientific challenges and opportunities with a real view on the technical feasibility and eventually acceptance by the consumer are the reasons why he was nominated. From 1 December to 10 December everyone can vote for his favorite pioneer. You can vote for Atze Jan van der Goot by clicking on the link below: