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On line BSc textbook animal breeding and genetics

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6 mei 2015

At the request of the Dutch Universities for Applied (Agricultural) Sciences a BSc textbook on animal breeding and genetics is made available on line by the Animal Breeding and Genomics Centre.

It is written by two animal breeding scientists from Wageningen University and Research Centre: Kor Oldenbroek from the Centre for Genetic Resources the Netherlands and Liesbeth van der Waaij from the chairgroup Animal Breeding and Genetics. This textbook describes the subsequent steps of an animal breeding programme.

Four BSc teachers contributed to this textbook by a critical review if the draft texts: Aline van Genderen from HAS-Den Bosch, Hans van Tartwijk from Van Hall-Larenstein in Wageningen, Jan van Diepen from CAH-Vilentum in Dronten en Linda Krijgsman from IN-Holland in Delft. Financial support for writing this textbook came from the WURKS programme of Wageningen University. 

The chapters are:

Chapter 1: What is animal breeding?
Chapter 2: Basics of animal breeding
Chapter 3: Reasons to keep animals define the breeding goal
Chapter 4: Collecting information for breeding decisions
Chapter 5: Genetic models
Chapter 6: Inheritance of monogenic traits
Chapter 7: Ranking the animals
Chapter 8: Predicting response to selection
Chapter 9: Selection and mating
Chapter 10: Relationship and inbreeding
Chapter 11: Crossbreeding
Chapter 12: The structure of breeding programs
Chapter 13: Evaluation of the breeding programme
Chapter 14: Maintenance of genetic diversity